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Mastermind is a public brain game, where you must solve a solution-code with the help of hints.Functions:- unique ?-button, it tells you if you followed all the hints if you press it long it tells you how much possibilities you still have.- you have the choice between three different color-choose methods- you can adapt if the same color can appear more than once in the solution.- no ads
--------------------------------------------color-choose methods:normal mode: if you press on a slot a popup will appear, where you can choose a colorfast mode: at the bottom is a colorshooser where you can pick a color, which will be sorted in from the left to the righthand mode: at the bottom is you "hand" here you can set which color you want, when you press a slot the color from your hand will be sorted in from the left to the right
--------------------------------------------The PC generate a four colors long solution-code out off six colors.Now you can guess a code. The PC will give you hints: white Pins (right color at the wrong place) and black Pins (right color at the right place).Now you must guess the code with help of these hints.